Story Book Walk

Welcome to Rotary Club of Wellington’s Story Book Walk.

The Story Book Walk is a new adventure for pre-school children in the County. Children and their parents, grandparents, care givers, or teachers and their assistants can engage in a magical trip along a section of the Millennium Trail. The Walk begins at the Rotary Memorial Garden which is at the North end of West Street in Wellington and follows the Trail for about one kilometre.

Children will be encouraged to read a book, two pages at each station, along the Walk. The first book that is being introduced is “Music is for Everyone” and is written by Jill Barber, yes, the jazz singer, and is wonderfully illustrated by Sydney Smith. A new book will be introduced every three months and can be purchased at Books and Company.

The ability to read is a magical gift. Children, throughout the Walk will become engaged in the words and lively illustrations that pop out of the pages at each station along the Walk. There are suggestions for activities between the stations, i.e. skip to the next station; dance to the next station; play their “air” instrument on their way to the next station. The interval between stations will be spent on Green Time rather than Screen Time.

We hope that you will take your little one on the Story Book Walk adventure. And, please, let us know how you and your little one responded to the trip.

Linda Donville

(photo credit: Dave Robinet)